What About Libya?

The world is focused on torture, beatings and death in Syria while several hundred miles away in Libya the great UN success story has become a nightmare of violence and death. Gaddafi is no more. His regime which was built upon a foundation of terror and murder has been crushed. But, what has replaced this dictatorship leaves many questions. A UN investigation leads Secretary General BanKi-moon furious at the lack of respect for due process in a country whose people were saved from a regime that lacked due process.

He believes thousands of innocent people are held in jails by “Revolutionary Brigades” who seek revenge even if their revenge is on the wrong people. An estimated 80,000 migrants who came to work in Libya from sub-Sahara nations are in horrid refugee camps while thousands  are in jail where torture and beatings are their daily meals.

It is ironic that those who cried for freedom now abuse freedom and justice. Ah, we are human. That is the tragedy.