What Are Limits To Freedom Of Speech?

The Westboro Baptist Church ranks among the weirdest sections of Christianity given their belief that God hands out demerits to those who disobey His laws. It is the conviction of this church that God has been punishing America by having our soldiers die in Iraq or Afghanistan because He is upset at policies that give rights to gays and lesbians. Members of the Church gather at funerals for dead soldiers and shout and scream obscenities and hold up signs saying “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” as part of the punishment due anyone who fights for the United States of America. The conservative Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli has refused to joint other attorney generals in seeking to over turn a ruling by an Appeals Court that said free speech applied to such protests. Cuccinelli argues trying to curb these fanatics might set “a precedent that could severely curtail valid exercises of free speech.”

Ironically, Cuccinelli’s foe, the American Civil Liberties Union, is in agreement on this point. Most attorney generals in America are defending the family of the dead soldier who wish to sue the Westboro Baptist Church on grounds they interfered with the funeral of their son and caused emotional stress to the family. Free speech is simply too precious to be curtailed.