What Can Be Done In Darfur?

The International Criminal Court has rendered its verdict that Sudan leader President al-Bashir is a war criminal and like any good criminal his response is to fight back regardless of the cost to the people of Darfur. On one hand, the world is taking note that genocide can not be allowed, but, on the other hand, the world is not taking note of the cost of rendering such a verdict on willful killing of innocent people. Sudan has reacted by forcing aid agencies to withdraw in hope of making the situation so terrible it would compel the ICC to back off and either, withdraw the warrant, or delay its application. Dr. Philip Ejikon, a Dutch doctor, says with bitterness, “a lot of lives will be lost” because justice is being served. Many aid agencies believe al-Bashir deliberately targeted large aid agencies in order to exert the greatest pressure by making the world confront the possibility of large scale deaths.

There are solutions to issues raised by the issuance of warrants and the response of Sudan. One possible solution is to enforce an air and sea embargo on the movement of anyone in Sudan who tries to leave the nation. This would cause havoc to the Sudan economy and it would not require large numbers of military personnel to enforce such action. Does Barack Obama have the will in the midst of the current economic crisis to take such action? Does the European Union have the courage to take military action against Sudan?

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