What Did Obama Do To Bring Peace To The World?

Barack Obama is president of a nation that has the largest military force in the world and is presently conducting two wars in various parts of the world. Although, Obama was not president when these wars began, he is continuing policies of his predecessor to have military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. The issue is not whether or not Obama is a man of peace, most probably he has that goal. But, as of this point in time he has yet to achieve peace anywhere in the world, let alone in the United States. The Swedish Peace and Reconciliation Society expressed its disappointment at the decision of the Oslo based Nobel committee to extend the prize to Obama.

Anna Ek, speaking for the society noted: “The choice of Barack Obama as the recipient of the world’s foremost peace prize is shocking.” Ms. Ek, like most people, is still attempting to discover exactly which “peace” in the world has Obama helped to secure? If anyone knows, please let the Oslo committee in on the secret.