What Did South African Generals Say About Zimbabwe?

The flow of refugees from Zimbabwe into South Africa continues creating enormous problems for a country which already has a large base of unemployed workers. One could think it advisable for the government of South Africa to assist efforts at restoring peace and sanity to the nation of Zimbabwe, but President Zuma thinks differently. NGOs are requesting that he release a report written by South African generals who were sent to Zimbabwe by former President Mbeki to investigate the situation. It is believed they were highly critical of the performance of President Mugabe, an old buddy of Mbeki. President Zuma insists the generals never sent a report to Mbeki.

There is something rather amiss in the state of South Africa if one is to believe six generals were sent to another nation to investigate violence and they never submitted a written evaluation as to what was seen. As one NGO noted: “to suggest that this amount of money could be spent and the admitted investigation conducted merely for a once-off oral briefing to be made to the president–beggars belief!”

What was reported and what were their recommendations? The people of South Africa are entitled to know–so are the oppressed people of Zimbabwe.