What Does America Want In Afghanistan?

From day one of the Bush invasion of Afghanistan there has been lack of clarity concerning what are American foreign policy goals in that nation. Bush repeatedly spoke about his dream of “democracy” but it was never clear what that meant. The current presidential election in Afghanistan again raises issues about US foreign policy goals. Despite over 2,000 complaints about the election and widespread evidence of fraud including stuffing of ballot boxes, ‘President Karzai” insists he won a fair election. The Obama administration says it made no attempt to influence the outcome and did not urge creation of a coalition government.

Any sensible government in Afghanistan must include a coalition. The first prerequisite for a new government is to include those of differing viewpoints. It is time for Karzai to end his reliance on local warlords and drug traffickers and reach out to his major opponent Abdullah Abdullah and ask him to participate in the government. Democracy in a nation without such a heritage will best be advanced if divergent viewpoints are respected in government.

  • Mira khan

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