What Does It Take For Impeachment?

Swiss senator Dick Marty, who authored the Council of Europe report on CIA activities in Europe, stated frankly in an interview: “We obtained evidence, on the basis of collected information,of the existence of illegal prisons in countries working with the United States, such as Poland. We have details about the programme drawn up by the CIA. The plan, now officially suspended in Europe, sought to export the antiterrorist struggle beyond United States borders in order to escape legal constraints imposed by US law.” The alleged terrorists who were “kidnapped, then tortured and held in rogue states such as Syria had neither civil rights nor rights of war.”

There is something confusing in this Bush plan to subvert US law. On one hand, the president says America should not have any relations with Syria and he sharply criticized Democrat politicians who went to Syria, but, on the other hand, he sees no problems working with the Syrian government to torture people! It apparently is OK to deal with Syria if you are into torturing since Syria is an equal opportunity torture employer. Some place in George Bush’s education, the idea that America stood for torturing people became embedded in his consciousness.

If a Democrat gets elected to the presidency in 2008, one of the first orders of business is examining this illegal operation to determine if George Bush violated the Constitution and should have been impeached.