What Ever Happened To Disaster?

During the past presidential election Republicans insisted that election of Barack Obama to another four years in office ensured the end of America as we know it. Mitt insisted that without his austerity program unemployment would rise, the national debt would continue on its voyage to the moon and people would be rioting in the streets demanding fiscal intelligence. Each month this year, for  some strange reason, new jobs have exceeded 220,000 and the unemployment rate is dropping. Actually, the yearly national debt is rising at the lowest rate in years. And, this is all happening without the genius of Mitt and his buddy, Paul Ryan.

Chuck Hagel was termed by Republicans as a weak person who would allow Iran to do what it desired and would not stand up to North Korea. Even Republicans are now agreeing that Hagel has been strong on North Korea. They now also agree that Obama and Hagel have worked effectively for peace in the Middle East.

I await the inevitable disaster of another Obama administration.