What Ever Happened To Separation Of Church -State?

Once upon a time in America our leaders like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington or James Madison believed there should be separation of church and state which meant government functioned apart from various religious groups. However, under the administration of that noted Muslim fanatic, Barack Obama, the military has been involved in several examples of allowing religion to intrude onto bases. A Christian rally, which is open to the public, is being held at Fort Bragg despite objections from those who regard allowing religious groups to conduct religious events on a military base does not accord with separation of church-state. General Frank Helmick issued a statement that “i have taken steps to ensure that no soldier in my command is pressured in any way to attend this event.” “Rock the Post” is organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and offers Christian music, Christian speakers and Christian activities.” Opponents argue the military should not be engaged in forging partnerships with ANY religious groups.

I wonder how the American people would react to a Muslim “Rock the Post” event in which Muslim speakers offered their views on life and the military?