What Exactly Does The Word, “Honor” Mean?

Rarely a day goes by without a report of a girl or older woman who is abducted by brother, father, uncle, cousin or whoever because she either has been seen in the street with a man who is not a member of “the family” or someone has taken a liking to her and wants marriage. Sibel Bilgin from Denmark was encouraged to visit her family in Turkey and while spending a day with her mother and aunt suddenly discovered that her father’s brother-in-law had decided whom she should marry. He grabbed the girl and took him home because his son desired to marry Sibel. She contacted her father and urged he get a passport so she could leave the country. The father made contact with Turkish police who presently are investigating the case. Her father fears the end result may be the death of his daughter in some form of “honor killing.”

This is a minor case, not very important in the scheme of life, a 20 year old took a vacation and wound up in hell. Why do these events more often than not occur in Muslim societies? Why do so many Muslim societies decide women are objects to be handed around based on the wishes of dad or uncle? Please do not get me wrong, 95% of Muslims do not behave in this manner, but what is annoying is lack of involvement by religious figures in cases where woman are abused. When will Muslim clerics become furious at the manner in which, all too often, women are used by men?