What Exactly Was Agreed On At Annapolis? Confusion Exists!

The confusing tangle regarding West Bank settlements continues to baffle all participants since apparently Palestinian leaders have a completely different interpretation from what the Israel believes was agreed upon at Annapolis. To add to mass confusion, no one appears clear at this point as to the position of President Bush. State Department spokesperson, Sean McCormack told reporters “I’m not going to get into interpretations at this point.” He said what was agreed upon at Annapolis will “play out over time” and eventually all parties will finally understand the exact nature of what they thought was a final understanding. Although both sides agreed to follow the road map, President Bush “changed the obligations that are spelled out in the road map,” according to former US Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk.

The key issue that supposedly all accepted centered on expansion of West Bank settlements. The Palestinians assume Israel agreed to suspend future expansion of West Bank settlements since Bush stated his goal was “ending settlement expansion.” However, the government of Ehud Olmert’s interpretation is Israel can proceed to build further housing units as long as they don’t take new territory to do it. Olmert has stated he was instituting a freeze on new settlements, but so far this year 603 new housing units have been built in the West Bank. One can only wonder if George Bush ever grasps the importance of using precise language during diplomatic negotiations that all parties understand. Apparently, he doesn’t have a clue.

  • mendy

    well do you understand precise language yourself?
    olmert is telling you: dear arabs, neighbors what is your issue? land? we will give you land and a state

    but we have population that lives in the west bank as well and they have kids and naturally expand even without encouraging development we need to give them a solution…..so we will make more room on the same land we already use and own that way you have no reason to be offended…..


    the problem why it isn’t ”clear” is that Arabs want the jews out no matter what. they want all of them out one way or another in phases or in one shot so then you have ”misunderstandings” over settlements and other issues….