What Happened at Copenhagen Climate Conference?

There increasingly are stories in the world press concerning mistakes made by scientists about global warming, and one is to assume from those incidents no such thing as global warming is occurring. We are expected to assume it is OK to proceed as usual and in the end, the world will not be impacted by the myth of global warming. A secret report from China indicates its representatives to the Copenhagn climate meeting encountered repeated examples of European Union attempts to placate the United States by refusing to impose strict emissions limits on wealthy nations. The Chinese memo noted that Canada, which had signed the Kyoto Agreement, wanted a 3% emissions goal for 2020 instead of the 5% of Kyoto, and a major factor was to avoid antagonizing the American delegation.

The Chinese came away from the meeting convinced richer nations were focusing on their own needs and had scant regard for poorer nations of the world. There is something sad when the United States of America has to be placated as though it were an oppressed country rather than a leader of the world.

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    In the end, the planet will not be able to support life, none of us can breathe when CO2 gets to a certain level and none can stop that once tipping points are being met. Money is the important thing. Long live money because one day it will have to fend for itself without us. Shalom.

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