What Happened?- Civilian Or Militants Dead?

The ongoing war in Afghanistan continues creating ongoing issues as to whether air bombings result in the death of militants or do they cause the death of innocent civilians. On Friday, once again there were opposing views as to who got killed. The Afghanistan Interior Ministry announced: “seventy-six civilians, most of them women and children, were martyred in a coalition forces operation in Herat province.” On the other hand, coalition headquarters claimed the opposite occurred by insisting 30 militants were killed in Shindard province while on patrol. “Insurgents engaged the soldiers from multiple points within the compound using small arms and RPG(rocket propelled grenades)fire . The joint forces responded with small arms fire and an air strike killing 30 militants.”

However, Saeed Shandi, a council member in the town, offered a contrasting view to that of the coalition announcement. “Last nigh at 2:00 a.m. some people were attending a Holy Koran recitation when American started the bombings.” Afghanistan increasingly has all the characteristics of the war in Vietnam when the use of air strikes invariably resulted in the death of civilians. America learned in the 1960s that identifying an “insurgent” while flying hundreds of miles in the sky is rather difficult.

A major factor in Afghanistan fighting is reliance on air strikes which undoubtedly result in mistakes. This is not the way to win the hearts of ordinary people.

  • http://www.dequalss.com/wp/ Buffoon

    Not a bash but two things are missing from EVERY article I’ve read this morning on this topic.

    These animals hide in civilian populations on purpose.

    They are always going to claim as many “civilian” deaths as possible to drum up the illiterate villagers.

    Friendly fire is horrible, but given our enemy, an ugly fact of war…

    Answer? Militants stop hiding behind women and children…