What Happened In Gaza?

The invasion of Gaza will haunt Israelis for many years as evidence emerges that what was officially portrayed as a defensive action contained many aspects which were at variance with Israel law and morality. An Israel activist group, “Breaking The Silence” now offers testimony and videos which depict violations of international law on the part of Israel soldiers. Soldiers are quoted saying they were given orders, “better hit an innocent than hesitate to target an enemy” and they were warned in urban warfare anyone and everyone is your enemy. Entire streets and areas in Gaza were razed to minimize the risk of enemy snipers being able to hide. According to one soldier, “we did not get instructions to shoot at anything that moved, but we were generally instructed if you feel threatened, shoot.”

After the invasion concluded, Defense Minister Barak asserted the Israel army was the most moral in the world and it was unconscionable that anyone would question the army’s conduct. However, it is clear from actions of the Israel army they entered a fight in which one goal was to minimize casualties to soldiers and if that meant increasing casualties for civilians, so be it.

Unfortunately, the report can not reveal names of soldiers who gave testimony.