Once upon a time, well, not so long ago, the people of Egypt took to the streets in order to get rid of Hosni Mubarak and create the basis of a democratic government. The Muslim Brotherhood linked arms with secular people, and even Christians, in order to end the old regime and usher in a new democratic one. Alas, once the Muslim Brotherhood captured 60% of  Parliament seats they decided to forget promises not to control the presidency by running their own candidates for that position.

An election was held. Mohammed Morsi, a last minute MB  candidate who is known as “the Islamist spare tire” became a candidate who challenged the more liberal MB candidate. Into the fray came Ahmed Shafiq, former buddy of Mubarak and he wound up coming in second to Morsi. Those who fought for freedom are now confronted with the scenario of “vote for the lesser evil.” One Egyptian simply noted he would initiate a “vote for Satan campaign.”

Of course, we in America just witnessed the stooges and idiots of our Republican party seek the nomination for president. Talk about Satan! Hell, he would be a much better candidate than Mitt or Newt or Herman or the Rick boys.