What Happens When An Economy Collapses?

What happens when an economy goes down the tubes? Officials in Denmark, which is only experiencing a 4% unemployment rate in contrast to the American 10%, report growing evidence that college graduates are now willing to accept jobs that ordinarily would be filled with high school graduates. Barack Obama has not been very aggressive in pursuit of jobs for Americans other than claiming his stimulus package, “eventually” will produce the jobs desired by those who have spent years and thousands of dollars to attain a college degree. Just wait and it will arrive claims Obama which offers slight hope to someone with a degree and now delivering pizza.

We are entering a new era in jobs and economic recovery. Evidence increasingly is evident we may have an “economic recovery” without a job recovery. The nightmare scenario is whether this phenomenon heralds the arrival of a new era in economic development. Are you listening Barack? People will not be yelling your name if they are on bread lines.