What Has Happened To British Humanity For Refugees?

Throughout the past two hundred years asylum seekers from all corners of the globe always knew that Great Britain would open its arms in welcome for those who needed refugee from tyranny. Karl Marx enjoyed the protection of England against German officials. But, today, the Home Office made clear it would ignore last minute pleas from asylum seekers for a chance to get support from courts. The British government has hired a charted plane to take back to brutality or death people who had come to England in hope of respect for their rights. According to the Home Office, it may, “in line with enforcement operational instructions, decide not to defer removal in the face of a last-minute threat or application to seek permission for judicial review.”

Supporters of Nigerians who fear returning home believe the Home Office letter was intimidating and a threat of action regardless of the need for further study. England has hundreds of thousands of immigrants but according to the Home Office a few hundred more will undermine the nation.