What I Miss In Life

I entered the world just after the famous Stock Market crash and soon encountered President Franklin D. Roosevelt. My formative years were in a Depression and World War II. I currently am part of what is termed a “recession.” So, what do I miss most:

1.  Warm bagels delivered by a bagel man.

2. People who regard themselves as members of the working class.

3. People who can get through the day without using a machine.

4. Republicans who actually believe in human rights.

5. Movies without aliens and zombies murdering and murdering.

6. Playing stickball in the streets of New York.

7. A president who communicates with all Americans and can explain complex issues so even a ten year old knows what he is talking about.

8. A great team of New York Yankees which contains young talented players who never give up, not even on a ground ball to the pitcher.

9. A society that respects teachers and the hard work they do.

10. A society that believes in evolution.

11. Feeling proud of being Jewish because we lead the fight for human rights for ALL.

12. Quenching thirst with water.

13. Irish political bosses who get things done.

14. A world in which ALL young men serve their country.

15. Feeling proud to be an American since we seek peace.