“What If” Begins About Hasan

After every tragedy in which someone engages in mass killing, we enter a period in which “experts” explain if only something else had been done the killer would have been spotted earlier and given some sort of treatment. New reports indicate Major Nidal Malik Hasan had been in contact with numerous Muslims who are identified as belonging to some sort of violent or terrorist group. The FBI had come across his name, did an investigation and decided that he was not a serious threat. Did the FBI goof? Should they have initiated a more thorough investigation or alerted Hasan’s superiors that he might be a risk? It is so easy going backwards to causes and so difficult going forward based on assumptions or hunches.

We can expect Republican congressmen will place blame on the government for this tragic event. Of course, the FBI which investigated earlier reports was still reporting to President Bush, not Obama. If the FBI or some other agency makes a mistake, it is the agency which is at fault, not a political party and certainly not the president. How about some common sense.