What If Mitt Led America?

It is one year since President Barack Obama made an executive decision to send SEAL men into battle at risk to their lives. Mitt Romney insists that Obama lacks executive experience and lacks ability to make tough decisions. As former President Bill Clinton put it: “The commander-in-chief gets one chance to make the right decision.” Unlike the Republican primary, Mitt, if president, would not enjoy endless opportunities to make a decision. But, what if Mitt had been president a year ago?

Mtt:  So, Ron you will make a nasty speech about me if I get rid of Osama bin Laden? Gee, I don’t want to anger you  and your supporters.

Mitt:  So, you represent the Tea Party which used to be for war before it decided it was against war. OK, I will hold off on any foreign activity.

Mitt:  Mr. Koch, I just wanted to check with you before making a decision that might cost some money. Is it OK for me to send SEALs into battle–it will cost some money!