President Obama, like his predecessor George Bush, insists a failure to “win” in Afghanistan has dire consequences for the security of the United States and the world. Of course, this is an assumption, not a fact. In the 1970s, supporters of the war in Vietnam claimed a communist victory would have a ripple effect leading to other nations in southeast Asia becoming communist. As of today, there is not a single example of any other southeast Asian nation that either through force or voluntarily became a communist nation. In reality, Vietnamese Communists were over burdened with the task of rebuilding their nation to worry about exporting anything other than products. What would occur if the United States and NATO nations decided to get the heck out of Afghanistan?

1. Local warlords would assume control of areas in Afghanistan and seek to keep out the Taliban.
2. The Taliban would be faced with the task of running a nation, rebuilding roads and bridges and doing ordinary tasks associated with being those in charge of a government.
3. Most foreigners who came to Afghanistan to fight would depart. Exactly where is the question.
4. The Taliban would be confronted by enemies who use the same tactics they used against western armies. They would have the same problems in confronting such warfare.
5. The Taliban would hesitate to enforce sharia law in the same manner they did in the 1990s knowing how such behavior angered large parts of the Afghan population.
6. The Taliban would seek assistance from Pakistan, only now it would be in the open.
7. American forces could continue hit and run raids in conjunction with Afghan enemies of the Taliban.
8. America, if it desired, could use air bombardment to close down every airport in Afghanistan.

Which is preferable, the above or the current mess in Afghanistan?

  • journeyer58

    Not only the above mentioned things would happen and could happen, but the economy of the United States of America would benefit greatly by the inclusion of hundreds of billions of dollars yearly since we, the taxpayers of the United States of America would not have to fund an ongoing conflict we are bound to lose.
    America as we know would change almost overnight by the inclusion of this necessary and needed funding for social justice causes and the fact that we would not be spending American money for oligarchic purposes.