What Is Bush Doing In Iran?

Slowly but surely information is being revealed concerning the ineptness of the Bush administration in conducting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Recent reports in The New York Times and the New Yorker indicate confusion and disorganization regarding America’s role in Afghanistan and Iran. In 2001, the United States drove Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan and by failing to crush and capture his forces due to a desire for action in Iraq, he was allowed to escape. Since then Osama has built up a large al-Qaeda force which most probably includes at least 2,000 fighters from foreign lands. The lack of any coherent plan to deal with Osama bin Laden enables his troops to destabilize areas of Pakistan and transform the northwest region of that nation into an al-Qaeda stronghold.

The problem is being compounded by American operations inside Iran. A secret memo was uncovered which indicates A Special Operations Force is currently operating inside Iran and its goal is to destabilize the religious leadership of that country. What happens if an American soldier is captured during one of these operations and placed on trial? Will the United States bomb Iran?

The 700 page official history of the United States army pinpoints earlier Bush mistakes ranging from failing to provide sufficient forces for the invasion of Iraq to the ridiculous proclamation on an aircraft carrier that Mission Accomplished when it had yet to begin. Where does John McCain stand on these current issues involving Iran?

  • journeyer58

    Of course, the shrub is going to venture into Iran. He has made clear statements that he would bomb Iran into the stone age if he thought that it would further his “legacy” in the books of history.
    He has also stated that Israel has the right to preemptively strike at any country that threatens its security.
    The words and phrases used against Iran, these same words were used to justify the sending of our troops into a sovereign nation, that had nothing to do with the funding of the terrorist networks and absolutely nothing to do the with the attack on the World Trade Center. Yet, the lying and deception that ensued, causing the invasion of Iraq, were one of the most egregious and out right criminal acts that has ever been perpetrated by a sitting president and his cabinet.
    Of course, no one from the current administration will ever see justice for the genocide that they have committed in the name of furthering “democracy,” nor will they ever pay the price for the blood of countless Americans spilled in the name of protecting the resources of a nation that had nothing to do with terrorism.
    I, am truly ashamed at the lack of accountability that has occurred since the shrub and Darth Vader took office. Even today the Democratic Party leadership, folds like a cheap suit every time a bill to fund this illegal and immoral conflict comes before the House and Senate.
    The time has come to make the people who voted for the war, and continue to fund this illegal and immoral use of our Armed Forces to pay by removing them from office and voting in people who will truly represent us.
    By now, almost 70% of the electorate of the US is against the war in Iraq and now the administration of the shrub is going to venture into Iran. If he does order the bombing and troops into that nation, then he and Darth Vader should be resoundingly and forthwith impeached and Nancy Pelosi put into office until the next election. Not that Nancy Pelosi, is any “cup of tea,” when it comes to funding this conflict.
    I will vote for the best candidate that I see, on the ballot, but neither will I give my vote away just to prove a point. The best candidates have withdrawn from the race, those are Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, and Rep. Ron Paul, both these men are men of honour and integrity, who have fought against the administrations use of illegal and immoral acts to justify all the things that are occurring now and will occur before Jan. 20, 2009.

  • http://www.dermal.de Tom

    I am worried to see that what is going on and what will happen with all of the World. I have just seen an interview of Dr. Abdul Qadeer in which he admitted that pakistan has sold 2 centrifuges to North Korea. Will Pakistan be the next nation to attack?