What Is Nigeria?

Nigeria is among the most important “nations” in the continent of Africa with a large GNP and the largest population. It is also THE most corrupt nation in Africa and led by the most incompetent collection of men on the continent of Africa. President Goodluck Jonathan is anything but good luck to the people of Nigeria. As of this date no one in Nigeria has any idea if their nation actually is in possession of an Army. The nut crazed Muslim fanatics known as Boko Haram wander around the nation, killing, burning, raping and murdering. Two weeks ago, they raided a girls’ school and abducted 230 teen age girls. Reports now indicate the girls have been given over to members of the Boko Haram and will become “their wives.” The question of the hour is: where is the Nigerian Army? The second question of the hour is: why aren’t soldiers plunging into forests and seeking to free the girls?

There is some indication that spies within the Nigerian armed forces are providing Boko Haram leaders with information about the Armed forces. This is certainly time for the United Kingdom to send in special forces to train the Nigerian army. Nigeria is on the road to become a failed state led by a no luck Jonathan.