What Is With Cartoons?

There are nations in this world in which the worse crime anyone can commit is to draw a cartoon. Muslims have gone wild with fury at cartoons which depict Muhammed even while few take to the streets when 20,000 Syrians are murdered by their government. The same madness appears to be similar in India where a young cartoonist is now in jail for plying his trade of drawing cartoons.

Aseem Trivedi, age 25, turned himself into the police where he will spend two weeks in jail on grounds of sedition. Did he betray his nation? Did he steal in order to be like so many Indians politicians who accumulate riches by serving in Parliament? NO,  he drew a cartoon which depicted the parliament building as a lavatory buzzing with flies!!

An Indian official explained that cartoonists “cannot make national symbols the object of their cartoon.” The only funny aspect of this story is the comedian posing as a government official.

I await a summons to jail.