What Makes Tony Run?

In 1950, Bud Schulberg wrote a popular book entitled, “What Makes Sammy Run” which depicts the story of a poor Jewish boy from the slums, Sammy Glick, who is the ultimate street hustler. He is always seeking the angle, a way to beat the odds and will lie or steal in order to achieve his goals. Such is the life of Anthony Weiner. He is THE hustler who will even deceive wife, as well as friends, in his quest to beat the odds of life. HE is the only important person in life, HIS desires are the only significant issues of life, and Tony will say anything, do anything in order to beat the odds of life.

Anthony Weiner will never change. He is “sorry” today because to beat the odds he must say that he is sorry. Tony does not care about a single person other than himself. The marriage will eventually conclude in sorrow and disappointment.Weiner has an appointment with destiny that is disastrous.