What Next For Zimbabwe?

The people of Zimbabwe must believe there is some cosmic plot to transform their lives into a living hell. Just as opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai obtained some power to alter events in the nation and hopefully begin to deal with its vast economic problems, he was involved in a terrible automobile accident which left his wife dead and serious injuries to himself. Tavangirai insists that nothing has been altered in the government, “I am still in control and hold executive power so nothing has changed.” Actually, there has been a change. Tsvangirai is not in the capital and he is not exerting daily power which opens a new opportunity for President Mugabe to assume more power.

Perhaps, it is a temporary situation and Tsvangirai will soon return to daily life as the prime minister but with a nation whose economy has completely collapsed this may well be a hope rather than a reality. Frankly, is there any light at the end of the Zimbabwe tunnel?