What Now America?

The election is over. At least for four years those of us residing in states that both parties seek to win will be spared the nonstop visual images on our screens  in which we are told why the other guy is nasty, hates America and wants to allow Muslim terrorists to take over our communities. Oh, for a moment without seeing another face telling me that elect her and Godless folk will run our beloved state of Missouri. We need a new law which says presidential elections run six weeks, each candidate gets air time, and no one is allowed to tell us why the other guy-or gal– is a hopeless incompetent murderer or terrorist or hater of God!

America needs a  time out from a crisis. We need some time to just enjoy watching TV and seeing aliens emerge from bodies and our hero jumping from building to building while cars are smashed to pieces. No more idiots from the Republican party telling the world  that women need to get raped in order to please God. No more idiots from the Republican  party telling fairly intelligent people that if you reduce income and spend more money on the military the result is more money to pay down debts!

Oh, for some peace and quiet!!