What Really Happened In Afghanistan Civilian Deaths?

Controversy continues as both the Afghanistan government and US military leaders, attempt to unravel the tragic events surrounding the death of over 90 Afghan civilians last month. A spokesperson for President Karzai sharply contradicted the US military version that claims
the August 22nd raid killed up to 35 Taliban fighters. Humayun Hamidzada insists the American operation was based on “total misinformation fed to the coalition forces.” His government believes an individual was involved in a tribal vendetta and supplied misinformation to the Americans. “How the information was gathered, how it was misfed, and their personal animosity led to trying to use the international forces for their own political disputes, which led to a disastrous event and caused a strain on the relationship of the Afghan government and international forces.” The Afghan Interior Ministry says it has arrested three suspects who are believed involved in providing the misinformation.

NATO spokesperson Gen. Richard Blancheete, says the coalition will not talk with villagers once again to avoid harassing them. “We have the facts straight, we have all the information.”

A basic problem confronting fighting the war in Afghanistan is lack of sufficient ground forces and failure to have carried out a training process to create a new Afghanistan army. This has caused the need to rely too frequently to air strikes which invariably result in death of innocent civilians. This is simply another legacy of the misguided Bush policy of failing to finish the job in Afghanistan by going to Iraq.