What To Celebrate In Syria?

During the initial six months of World War I, French and German soldiers decided to call a truce in December, 1914 in order to celebrate Christman. Muslims are celebrating Ramadan and various holidays during which people are supposed to enjoy themselves. It is now the second day of Eid al-Fitr and, instead of joy and good foods, there is only dead bodies lying in the streets of Sryian cities. President Bashar al-Assad has made no attempt to halt fighting in order to allow Muslims some breathing time to demonstrate their love of the Muslim religion. It is rather difficult to celebrate anything if bombs rip apart one’s home.

Ten bodies were discovered on the streets of Damascus. They were nude, handcuffed hands and marks of horrible brutality including electric torture and bodies assaulted by knives. Several heads had been crushed. The war goes on, leaders decry Assad, and death continues.

There will not be a lull in fighting. This will be one Ramadan that Syrians will never forget.