What To Do About Immigrants?

Wars in North Africa, violence in the streets as one dictator after another falls from power. So, what does any intelligent person do but get the heck out of the place and head for Europe and a job and safety. Thousands have left Tunisia and Libya and gone to Italy or the islands surrounding it in order to gain entry into the European Union. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has remained adamant about refusing entry to these forlorn people. Alessandr Mussolini, a right wing MP in Italy, issued a blasting statement about Sarkozy’s wife, Carla, for failing to stand up and defend the oppressed. “Carla Bruni should have protested against the shutting of the French borders to illegal immigrants.” Naturally, the great desire of Ms. Mussolini to keep them damn foreigners out of Italy by sending them to France is one way to be a bigot and come across as concerned about human rights.

In France, the concern of President Sarkozy is more about rising poll results showing French people do not want foreigners in their country. Of course, Nicolas Sarkozy comes from immigrants to France, but, of course, they were not Muslims from North Africa.