What Was Hillary Doing?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attending the six annual meeting of Summit of Americas and  apparently decided to go out for a night on the town. She was captured DANCING with arms flung in the air. Apparently, Hillary and her party were seen DRINKING  BEER and even two glasses of whiskey! There is no question this is what happens when LIBERAlS gain power in government. First, it is dancing, then it becomes drinking and finally it becomes you-know-what.

We asked the noted authority on morality, Rick Santorum to comment

“A person in public service must set an example for children. Imagine if    small children  saw the Secretary of State drinking beer! I am not against dancing. The waltz is a  wonderful Christian  dance, why can’t our Secretary of State dance in an appropriate manner? I intend to contact the Pope and ask him to issues a statement to all American Catholics about drinking beer and dancing in night clubs.”

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    Priceless.  Next thing you know they’ll be toasting to Castro’s longevity?