What Was Saakashvili Thinking?

Turkish writer, Ismet Berkan, writing in Radikal, expresses the views of many people by noting, “I wonder what Georgian president Mikhael Saakashvili was thinking on Thursday evening when he ordered his army to topple the separatist government in South Ossetia and to become the ruler of the country. What I heard is that Saakashvili doesn’t recall that he gave the first order. And he denies everything, as all other people who are deeply disappointed for the same reason. Russia planned it to coincide with the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games. But, he is the one deciding the timing. If the Georgian troops had not entered South Ossetia, there couldn’t have been any excuses for the bombardments on Gori and Tbilski, let alone Ossetia by the Russian soldiers.” The Turkish writer blames Saakashvili for a sad and stupid gamble that only resulted in terrible losses for his nation.

Berkan argues “Russia has aspired to become an imperial power again… since Prime Minister Vladmir Putin too charge of the country. In fact, he wants to rule half the world, directly or indirectly.” Above all, Russia is concerned they control what happens in the Caucasus area.

It increasingly is becoming apparent, President Saakashvili and his mentor, George Bush made a terrible mistake in the invasion of South Ossetia.