What Was That About Drones?

Barack Obama is an intelligent person, Barack Obama wants to reduce warfare in the Middle East. Barack Obama enjoys giving speeches and interviews in which he  speaks strongly about the importance of reducing use of drones to kill people. Yesterday, drones spotted two cars driving in south Yemen, targeted the vehicles and then sent missiles into them. At least seven “suspected” militants were killed. I so enjoy reading handouts from the White House or the Pentagon how their people in Virginia spotted “suspected” militants thousands of miles away in Yemen. Of course, there is never an explanation why one human is  termed a “suspected militant” while another person driving in Yemen is not.

As I recall, President Obama assured the American people that drones would not be used to kill “suspected” militants unless they posed an “imminent threat” to the security of the United States. It would be interesting to learn how these bad guys threatened the security of the United States. I have a hunch they threaten the security of Yemen.