What We Never See

It was just another killing, and killing is not unusual in the human condition. Some people living in Kenya went to church on Sunday morning and four of them did not leave the church alive while seventeen left with wounds on their bodies. A group of young men burst into the church and began to blast away. Naturally, being humans, they killed and wounded in the name of some God or some book or some belief that killing is what God desires in our lives. Most probably, the killers were a group of Muslim youth who had come from Somalia and since Kenya soldiers were fighting their al Shabaab, it was only normal for them to kill some Christians in the name of God. It is quite clear that God does not like Christians just as Christians believe God does not like Muslims.

In the midst of these killings one wonders where are the voices of clerics? I have not witnessed evidence of Muslim and Christian clerics coming together seeking to end violence. I find it even more troubling that clerics do not even speak out when their own supporters are murdered. The silence of clerics in the Middle East and Asia is very troubling to one who believes in God.