It seems like light years ago when the American people welcomed the election of Barack Obama as offering a new direction for a nation that desperately wanted change. It seems like years ago, there was hope a new president would adopt sensible policies in Afghanistan and end the seemingly endless war that will never conclude. It seems like light years ago, there was hope a new president would tackle the economic crisis and develop a comprehensive job program. Alas, that was not light years ago, that was last year. Where did Obama go right and where did he go wrong?

1. He was correct to push for a massive stimulus bill that saved Wall Street and other major corporations.
2. He was wrong in failing to establish firm guidelines on pay for executives who received federal money.
3. He was correct to order a review of the war in Afghanistan.
4. He was wrong in failing to establish deadlines for reform of the Afghan government and in demanding that President Karzai install a government of experts, not buddies. Obama was wrong in failing to establish a departure date of January 1, 2010. President Kennedy, before his death, had decided to end American involvement in Vietnam. President Eisenhower in 1954 turned down requests from France to help in their war in Vietnam. A wise leader knows when to take a step back, and Barack Obama failed to take that step, instead he embroiled himself even deeper in the well of corruption and inefficiency that is Afghanistan.

Barack Obama frequently has compared himself to Franklin Roosevelt in the thirties. Sorry, Barack, but you don’t have the faintest awareness of how FDR functioned in the Depression.
1. He nonstop blamed corporate America as the villain and cast himself on the side of the middle and lower classes.
2. Within ninety days after assuming the presidency he had nearly a million people working in the CCC and within another year millions engaged in productive work to rebuild this nation.
3. Only Barack Obama could create a situation in which Republicans portray themselves as defenders of the middle class!!

Obama has behaved as an individual who is part of the American elite, rather than as an American who has been screwed by the wealthy and the Republican party. He was elected to change directions in America. After nearly two years in office, the rendition program is still operating, men captured in Afghanistan still rot in prison without being accorded due process, and the jobless rate continues to rise.

Yes, he did offer a much needed stimulus package. No, he has never provided either in actions or words the portrait of a leader of America who seeks social justice. If you doubt me, ask Shirley Sherrod.