What Went Wrong??

I would love being a fly in the room where Mitt Romney and Karl Rove explained to wealthy Republican donors that after spendng a  billion dollars, Rove alone handled $390 million, they got their ass kicked by a  black dude who was born in Africa and wasn’t even an American citizen! Oh, it now comes out that Romney had planned to set off fireworks in Boston harbor to celebrate his victory, I guess he will be selling fireworks at a discount. The latest excuse from Romney folk is their candidate was headed  for an overwhelming victory until Sandy came along and wrecked their campaign. What next, the Tooth Fairy failed to deliver her votes?

Romney surrounded himself witha  bunch of well-meaning white guys and gals and decided to cater to white rednecks who called themselves, the Tea Party. Any intelligent person would have played to the middle, but Mitt has the backbone of a chocolate eclair and offered unconditional  surrender to the men with guns. Too bad that Mitt ducked serving in Vietnam. It might have taught him something about bravery.

No more secret service detail, no more reporters dying to  talk with you, no more sucking up to  wealthy folk. Just remember, Mitt, when the next hurricane hits, head for France.