What Will History Judge About Iraq?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the media that history will judge whether the war in Iraq was worth it. He spoke as the last American combat forces were departing from Iraq and leaving behind them about 50,000 troops who most probably will eventually wind up in some form or shape of combat duty. However, Gates insisted in response to a question as to whether US forces were still in a combat position in Iraq, “I would say we are not.” He refused to specify exactly what was the outcome of the seven years and 4,000 lives that are associated with this war. He added a confusing statement in which he stated, “I believe our men and women in uniform believe we have accomplished something that makes the sacrifice, the bloodshed, not to have been in vain. How it all hangs in the balance remains to be seen.” Gates did admit the reason for entering this war was still debatable. “The problem with this war, I think for many Americans, is that the premise on which we justified going to war turned out to be not valid.”

Let me get this straight. We entered the war for the wrong reasons, or to be blunt, we entered the war because our president lied to us. But, somehow, going to war for the wrong reason will eventually lead to a conclusion that the war was justified. We suggest Robert Gates explain to grieving children, mothers and wives their husband or son died because the president lied.