What Will It Take To Wake Up America?

I recently read some stories in The New Republic about liberal Wall Street types who are upset at the “anti-business attitude” of the Obama administration. Apparently they thought being a liberal meant standing up for gay and lesbian rights and complaining about cut backs in school aid. of course, their children attend private schools, but it comes across as “liberal” to argue for more money to schools that currently receive about $11,000 per child and still fail to educate kids. Ironically, there is no group in modern America that gives a damn about working people, let alone the middle class. Tea Party kooks oppose spending money to aid the unemployed on ground we have a huge deficit while arguing for tax cuts for the wealthy which economists claim will add about $3 TRILLION to the national debt over the coming decade. It appears the only loud angry group are those who seek to protect the wealthy for paying additional taxes. This is about the first time in American history poor people lack any leader who seeks to represent their interests. Sorry, “Socialist Obama” is mainly interested in protecting business.

We predict in the coming decade America will witness emergence of radical right wing groups which arouse the working class by convincing them unless the wealthy are not given more money they can not rise from poverty. This happened in the 1930s and it can happen again. Barack Obama has failed to champion the cause of workers and the only solace he has for those unemployed, is to wait and one day they will eat. During the Depression, Harry Hopkins, a key aide to Franklin Roosevelt, always responded to those who said things would eventually get better by saying, “people eat today, not eventually.”