What Would Bush Do If President of Turkey, Asks Turkish Paper?

As the recent meeting of UN, Arab League, and other concerned regional nations concluded its meeting in Ankara, the return of the eight captured Turkish soldiers has temporarily reduced tension on the Turkish-Iraq border. Prime Minister Erdogan is meeting today with President Bush, who undoubtedly will indicate his support for Turkey in demanding the right to have peaceful borders, but he will insist that no military action should be undertaken to invade Kurdistan. Yusu Kanli, writing in the Turkish Daily News, posed the interesting question as to what would George Bush say if he was President of Turkey rather than the United States” According to Kanli, he would probably say words to this effect, “When what’s at stake is the security of the United States, international law, diplomacy, peaceful settlements, cooperation, etc..we couldn’t care less. We have to counter that threat. Are you with us or against us?”

I believe Mr. Kanli has made a clear and accurate statement about any Bush position if the United States was the nation being attacked by a terrorist group using the safe haven of Mexico in order to launch cross border attacks on US territory. One can only wonder if in moments of reflection, President Bush recognizes that he is asking of Prime Minister Erdogan what he refused to do in 2003.