Whatever Happened To God In USA?

Michele and Sarah and Mitt and Newt and Rick shout to the world their belief in God and insist that anyone who is not a member of the God clique is not a real American. According to their version of America most of us gather in a church or synagogue on the weekend in order to tell God how much we believe in Him or Her, depending on your point of view. I assume God sets aside time in HIS busy schedule to listen to a Sunday morning rant about nothing. Unfortunately, for those who believe God is the number one item on God’s schedule, there is increasing sign fewer and fewer Americans share that belief.

A Pew Study concluded that at least 12% of Americans do not believe God exists while a report from  the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society at Trinity College concludes the figure is closer to 20%. As Annie Laurie Gaynor, president of Freedom From Religion Foundation notes: “It has never been better to be a free thinker or an agnostic in America.”

I assume bloggers will shortly be asking this Gaynor gal to produce her birth certificate in order to prove that she is a member of the human race. After all, God created us and HE does not like those who do not believe in HIM. I checked with Michele Bachmann who is in daily contact with HIM and she assures me that is HIS view. God Bless those who believe in HIM and God Damn those who do not!