Whatever Happened To Israel?

Back in the good old days of fighting Israel an Arab could at least be certain that one could conclude the day hating those Jews in Israel. Wonderful Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was certain to make some insulting remarks about Arabs or inform the world that only “Muslims” killed innocent people. Ah, those were the good old days. Today, Arab fights Arab in Syria, thousands are murdered in chemical attacks on fellow Muslims and anger and hate abound without a single Jew on the scene. In Lebanon, there is daily strife as Syrian supporters fight those supporting the other Syrians and on day one it is an Alawite killing a member of this group or that group. Yesterday, someone killed a leader of Hezbolla which naturally led to the claim it was done by a member of Mossad.

Look fellows, we are now post Jew in the realm of murder and mayhem. These days one can not tell who are the “bad” guys without some form of score card. On Monday, a Mossad agent kills a member of Hezbollah, on Tuesday it is the turn of an al-Qaeda guy and who knows the killer on Friday. Pick a number and kill someone.

These days, Jews in Israel are happy to have fellow evil doers.