Whatever Happened To Jobs?

The president of the United States of America will shortly be addressing the nation about the issue of national security and the evil of President Assad. Republicans now have a wonderful side issue to discuss for the coming year–Syria. Naturally, since the nation is absorbed in the question of Syria, who has time for dealing with real issues this nation must address-jobs, the infrastructure, health, education, poverty, prejudice, student debt… The great Obama failure in leadership was not addressing the issue of jobs during his initial 100 days in office. Frankly, few Americans believe he has anything on his mind that deals with their daily lives. Ah, in a few days, he will appear on TV, not to discuss the issues confronting Americans TODAY, but the issues that confront other people.

Each day in this country, millions of Americans wonder if they will ever be able to attain a decent life for their families. Republicans are only interested in the daily needs of those with millions, Democrats readily get side tracked and focus on Syria or Afghanistan or spies. The central issue confronting the American people is the future of work and how to create a society in which people enjoy personal respect for their dignity of life. Sorry, Barack, THAT is what people think about today.