The mystery as to whatever happened to Neanderthals has been solved by this blog. The answer is simple, just visit the halls of Congress and listen to members of the Republican party rant and rave. It is now clear that a group of wise Neanderthals became frightened at the prospect of all these Cro-magnons taking over their world, so they began to fool around with Cro-magnon females and produce hybrid kids. We have been threatened by a leader of the Neanderthals whose name rhymes with bloch that to reveal this secret will lead to my death.

But, let me proceed, Neanderthals have been secretly meeting in dark caves at midnight in order to plot the overthrow of Cro-Magnons. Do you doubt what I just wrote? Then, explain why the Neanderthal coalition in Congress is determined to wreck the American economy and cause its downfall as an important nation? The answer is obvious, Rupert and John and Rush and Glenn are determined to end once and for all the power of Cro-Magnons and this time they WIIL succeed.

Final proof. The name of the world leader of Neanderthals is: Aet Ytrap. Give three grunts when meeting members of the Tea Party and they will ascertain you are one of them.