Whatever Happened To Secrecy?

Hardly a day goes by without some profound warning from the president of the United States or the prime minister of England regarding the importance of sececy and warnings about spies infiltrating our nations in search of SECRETS! A solemn faced President Barack Obama is usually in the news with words of wisdom about not allowing our enemies to gain possession of our SECRETS. After all, there are BIG SECRETS which, once in the hands of our enemies, will result in the downfall of western civilization. David Cameron, the prime minister of England, was on a train headed for a wedding. He had his official red colored ministerial box with him and it was locked with a key in it. He decided to leave his seat and go for a cup of coffee. The leader of England just left this box on a table. A passenger noted that “it was just sitting there. I could probably have run off with it.”

Just think, if al-Qaeda got the red box it would have been the end of England as a nation. There are reports that a man named Edward Snowden was on the train.