Whatever Happened To Somalia?

I trust readers will recall the good old days when we worried about pirates off the coast of Somalia who were halting ships, and taking hostage people. Ah, those nice days when handing over a few million dollars was suffice for terrorists to behave in a civilized manner and return hostages. I miss those days of being able to sit down and talk with a guy whose only thought was MONEY. Of course, there was always the terrorist group al-Shabab which would send some bombs in the direction of the capital of Mogadishu, but they were unable to triumph over Somalia soldiers. Unlike the Iraq army, Somalia armed forces fought back against terror. There was something stable and certain about this war. Al-Shabab took a town, they were attacked, they retreated and government forces eventually took back the town.

Al-Shabab must be reading the newspapers about what is happening in Iraq. They just launched an attack on Mogadishu, tried to take a prison, failed, and retreated. I assume tonight its leaders will be somewhat angry that Somalia soldiers do not behave like those in Iraq and vanish into the dust. I assume al-Shabab will demand equal treatment. My mystery is what ever happened to those pirates that were so vividly conveyed in the film, “Captain Phillips?”