Whatever Happened To That Surge?

Ever since former president George Bush decided to accept military ideas of General David Petraeus the American people have been fed the myth of how additional American troops in Baghdad finally put an end to insurgent power in Iraq. General Petreaus was hailed as among America’s “greatest generals” for defeating an insurgent force in a single town. There is no doubt, Petraeus utilized excellent military strategies, but there is no evidence his ideas on urban warfare resulted in destroying insurgent forces in Iraq.

Two days ago, a coordinated series of attacks by al-Qaeda resulted in the death of over 70 people and wounding of more than 300 hundred. In one Sunni mosque, gunmen entered, identified seven men and executed them on the spot. Reality is that Petraeus did not implement a successful operation because success depends on having a government which is respected by the population and Prime Minister Maliki is just not that  person.

David Petraeus deserves recognition for his military ideas, but use of military force alone will NOT end insurgencies.