Whatever Happened To The Argument About The Surge?

Former vice president Dick Cheney came out a few days ago with another of his angry tirades against President Obama and Democrats who he believes are less than true patriots. The man of anger was upset because Obama was taking time reviewing strategy in Afghanistan. Cheney exploded because he does not like dilly-dallying and wants the president to have the courage of George Bush in his famous “surge.” As I recall, the surge was designed to end violence in Iraq and restore the semblance of law and order. Ironically, Cheney’s ranting came a day before suicide bombers in Iraq killed over 130 people, including key members of Baghdad’s city council. Just about every day in Iraq there is at least one example of a suicide bomber or a car bomber blasting away at people.

Cheney views the surge as “successful” even as hundreds die of violence. Yes, the surge was responsible for reducing the level of violence, but there is no evidence it solved the inherent problem of violence in Iraq. As usual, Dick an Don and George never had a grasp of Iraqi politics or the fundamental issues that divide groups in Iraq. It will take more than a surge in Iraq or Afghanistan to confront the reality of religious disagreements and clan rivalries.