Whatever Happened To The Surge?

During the past fews years our media has agreed with former president Bush that his support for the General Petraeus famous “surge” was a brilliant move because it ended violence in Baghdad. True, there are fewer examples of violence, but just about every day another suicide bomber kills people. An important aspect of the plan was drawing upon Sunni Awakening Councils to crack down on al-Qaeda. Thousands of Sunnis did join in the fight against terrorists and they were promised equal treatment by the Shiite led government of Iraq. Broken promises have merely sparked Sunni militants to resume their violence. Iraq police arrested the leader of a Sunni Awakening Council militia on charges that he planned a deadly bombing of Shiite pilgrims early this week. The bombings on Thursday resulted in the death of 56 pilgrims and the wounding of dozens. The Sunni leader and his assistants were arrested in Hillah, which has become a haven of the new insurgency.

Perhaps, the “hero” of Baghdad, General Petraeus, can return to Iraq and once again, “end violence” in that city. Sorry, General Petraeus is a very competent officer, but he is no Grant or Sherman or Marshall.