Whatever Happened To The Working Class?

I was born in 1930 when nations like the USA or England or France or Spain actually had something that was termed, “the working class.” To be a member of the working class meant to feel and practice solidarity with all those who worked for a living. If asked, we responded with pride that we were not middle class folk, but part of the working class. I recall one summer, while still a teenager, going for a job that was advertised in the paper. When I arrived, there was a picket line and, naturally, I expressed my support to fellow workers, and then departed because to cross the picket line was to undercut the rights of my fellow workers. This spirit is no longer alive in the United States or in nations like England. Most, prefer identifying with the nebulous idea of “middle class.”

Recent events in Wisconsin demonstrated how union members today turn their backs on fellow union members. They support groups like the Tea Party whose interests are with the wealthy or America, not those who are in the underclass. In fact, the presence of 17,000,00 unemployed only proves the underclass is growing and all too many workers identify with their enemies. Perhaps, one day those who are unemployed will have enough sense to cease voting for Tea Party or Republicans and recognize their self interests are with those in poverty, those who lack health care, and those who belong to unions.

Mystery of Life: Why do people working for low wages worry about wealthy people being compelled to pay an extra 3% in higher taxes?