Whatever Happened To Those Armenians?

It is fast approaching a hundred years since the infamous slaughter of Armenians
by forces of the Ottoman Empire, but the people of Turkey refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for the murder of thousands of humans under horrifying conditions. Members of Turkey’s Parliament expressed dismay at the possibility the United States Congress would pass a resolution against the Armenian “genocide” that occurred so very long ago. According to Turkish Parliament Foreign Affairs head, Murat Mercan, to pass such a resolution is an attempt to impose “inappropriate pressure on Turkey.” He warned Americans, “there will be an overwhelming public reaction and outcry.”

Turkish reaction to a Congressional resolution borders on the ludicrous. Congress passes dozens of resolutions each day and most probably there is always someone who doesn’t like a particular resolution. How can any Congressional resolution impose “pressure” on Turkey? Few, if any Americans, even knows if a resolution has been passed and to insist that President Obama intervene comes across as an attempt by Turkey to impose “pressure on the United States.” Let’s have an agreement–we won’t pay any attention to your resolutions and you ignore ours.